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Shawl Closures

With Button Tops

Each Shawl Closure is unique...accented with a handcrafted "Paperweight" top.  They are made from both borosilicate and soft glass. They are approximately 5" long from top to point.  They will keep your beautiful shawls safely in place.



Each one is one of a kind. When a Shawl Closure is sold there may not be another one available like it.          Order your favorite today!

   Dark Cobalt Exotic        $35.00 US   

 Lovely White Flower with Green background   SOLD US   

Multi Green with Clover Green Background     $45.00 US  

   Amber Passion         $45.00 US   

   Blue Moon with Orange Background       $45.00 US   

 Hubble Space Flower    SOLD   

  Green Exotic with Sunny Background   $45.00 US   

Blue Cosmic Bump                    SOLD  US   

Lovely Pink Flower        SOLD  US   

     Blue and Lavender Twist        $45.00   

   Gold Dichro                                 $40.00  

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