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"Don't Drop" Glass Spindles for Hand Spinners

Handcrafted, each Don't Drop Spindle is unique. We create our spindles from borosilicate glass, the hook is made from sterling silver wire. When a hook shown on this page is sold, another one just like it will NOT be available.  These make great presents for other spindlers -- or for yourself!  Order your favorite spindle today.


Lilac-Amber Purple Top Whorl Glass Spindle...1/2 oz          $70.00  

Teal and Amber Purple Bottom Whorl Glass Spindle....1 1/8 oz                          $70.00  

 Honey Brown and Pink Top Whorl  Glass Spindle..7/8 oz                               $70.00  

Cobalt with White Top Whorl Glass Spindle....1 oz                       $70.00  

Amber Peach Top Whorl Glass Spindle with Ruby....1 3/8 oz                     SOLD  

Teal Top Whorl Glass Spindle..7/8 oz                       SOLD   


     Cobalt Blue-Amber Purple Bottom Whorl Glass Spindle.....1 3/8 oz                           SOLD  


Teal and Ruby Top Whorl Glass Spindle....1 oz                                         SOLD  

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