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Flamework Glass Pens from GlassPens.comExquisite Glass Pens
Superior Quality Writing Instruments

Ernst glass pens are dip-style pens which hold the ink in capillary action in the flutes on the outside of the nib. They write at least 1/3 of an 8 1/2" X 11" page with a single dip and some will write up to a full page.

They are capillary fed, consequently, they do not dribble or leave blotches unless shaken. Each pen is hand-formed and therefore unique.

Our glass ink pens are repairable because we use borosilicate glass. If a repair becomes necessary, it will be covered under our lifetime warranty. These pens can be used with most fountain, drawing, or technical inks as well as liquid watercolors and liquid acrylics.

For more information, please visit our Complete Glass Pen Info page.

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Flameworked Glass Dip-Style Pens Pens  using Borosilicate Glass -- Shop On-Line

Each glass pen includes a pen rest  & comes in a hard shell case.


Embellished and One of a Kind



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